About the Author

I  dread this part.  

It's never easy (or entirely accurate)  to reduce an untidy life filled with the usual assortment of accomplishments and failures into a few perky, inspirational blurbs.   Time to fangirl crush on my favorite authors!

I live in Fort Worth, Texas and I have a great career in Information Technology.  I enjoy solving puzzles and I have a thirst to know "why", which drives my family and colleagues to tears at times, but makes me great at my job.

 I enjoy stories about unconventional love, such as The Canturbury Tales: The Wife of Bath.  For me, romance  is articulating the delicious moments between unorthodox couples who discover that  - where it counts the most - they are much more alike  than different ...just like you and me, dear reader! 

I cut my teeth on Andrew Lang's Colored Fairy Books as a kid. It shocked and impressed me to read stories that didn't always have neatly-wrapped happy endings. (Where were my parents to keep me from this deliciously forbidden content anyway?)  

Later, I discovered the DARKANGEL series by Meredith Anne Pearce.  She helped me though dark, angst-laden teen years as I stumbled headlong into adulthood  --  and straight into the arms of that devilishly-clever Daughter of the Night, Tanith Lee and her Good Fairy-Dragon counterpart, Anne McCaffrey.  

I evolved to Tamora Pearce (found her looking for Meredith Pearce books!), then turned to ebooks via Kindle and visited the worlds created by  Grace Draven, Lindsay Buroker, T Kingfisher and Frank Tuttle to name a few.   

Their genius inspires me.

We all know the bubbly cheerleader gets the winning team captain in those boringly predictable, conventional love stories... but what about the curvy geek girl with the sidereal eyes passing the sexy, endearingly-awkward Asian boy with the naughty smile in the hall every day?  

Who tells their story?

Yup, guilty as charged.   : )

Thank you for visiting my site today and supporting my books.

Warmest Regards,

PS:   you can find my other life here: www.pintodrafts.com